Announcing the first “Product-as-a-Store” service

SELINKO will be at the CES Las Vegas to announce the first “Product-as-a-Store” service, the fastest way to buy securely any high-value consumer goods from one tap, from anywhere and from any NFC-enabled devices.

Come and visit us at CES Las Vegas (booth 1601) from 9 to 12 January 2018 for a live demo of Selinko’s Product-as-a-Store technology.

Discover a new Direct-To-Consumers sales channel

According to Forbes, more brands will look to bypass retailers and sell directly to consumers while brick and mortar stores will have to deeply reinvent themselves by creating strong in-store experiences instead of just selling products.

By transforming every product into a store, Selinko invents a new Direct-To-Consumers selling model, allowing consumers to easily, securely and instantly purchase any product while offering brands a new sales channel that can be activated anywhere.

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SELINKO's innovation will be an excellent fit for many sectors. Any high-end consumer goods could take advantage of our patented service offering to consumers a new way to purchase your products.

Perfumes and Cosmetics
Leather Goods
Footwear and Sportswear
Wines and Spirits
Consumer Electronics


We give each object a digital identity.

Selinko is a leading company in NFC (Near-Field Communications) mobile marketing and smart packaging solutions to offer brands innovative and engaging consumer experiences. Belgian public limited company, formed in September 2012, we are the first one-stop shop for brands that want to connect their products to the Internet of Things. We mark each product with an NFC tag that holds a unique digital identifier, which can be read using an NFC smartphone. This identity enables us to provide high value-added services to brands such as authentication, “Product-as-a-Store” service: the fastest way to buy your product from one tap, consumer engagement, reporting, and tracking.

Interested by a demo of our Product-as-a-Store service? Make an appointment with our sales team.